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Library Resources for Students

Where Are YOUR Favorite Kind of Books?

At MCMS, we use the "bookstore model" to organize our fiction collection.  This means that books are sorted into sections by genre, which helps students find what they want to read.  Our fiction is divided into the following:

Social Issues
Graphic Novels
Teen Romance
Science Fiction
Short Stories
Easy -- American Library Association -- Good Reads -- Purdue OWL Writing/Research Guide -- NC Wiseowl

Search for a Lexile

Don't know the Lexile level of your book?  Look it up here.

What Should I Read?

Try one of the following sites that specializes in suggesting books, based on what you have previously enjoyed reading:
What Should I Read Next?

Or this site which suggests books based on your mood:

Or check out genre lists and create your own profile on GoodReads.  GoodReads is a cool way to keep track of what you and your friends have been reading too :)